R & D

To Sustain & Improve

Innovation and Technology

Innovation and Technology have been the key attributes and differentiators for us which are driven by the Research & Development department.

Jaydev is currently engaging more than 25 experienced Scientists and Chemists. The R&D laboratory is fully equipped with:

Jaydev Chem Ankleshwar

Modern Fume Hood Systems


High Vacuum Distillation Assembly

Vacuum Tray Dryers

Analytical Development Laboratory

Analytical Development Laboratory (ADL) supports R&D in the developmental activities, freezing specifications and developmental activities, freezing specifications and developing the Method of Analysis (MoA) for Finished Products, In process intermediates, Key Starting Materials (KSMs) and Raw Materials (RMs).

Analytical Instruments
GCsUV Spectrophotometer
GC wtih Head SpaceUltrasonic Bath
FTIRDigital Polarimeter