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Pharmaceutical Intermediates

Jaydev Chem has world class infrastructure for manufacturing drug intermediates complying with the requirements of Regulated and Semi Regulated markets.

Advanced Pharmaceutical Intermediates manufacturing facility located at GIDC, Ankleshwar around 205miles/ 330kms from financial capital of India- Mumbai; easily accessible by Air, Road, and Rail. Facilities are fully licensed as per Indian Factory Act. Jaydev Chem Industries is an ISO 9001:2008 approved and WHO GMP, GMP, USFDA & MHRA approvable facility.



Process Development
Technology Transfer


Reaction Vessels (S. S. and Glass lined), Crystallizing Vessels (S. S.) , Sparkler Filters (S. S.), Centrifuges (S. S., R. L.) ,Gas Scrubbers, Condensers, Receivers, Storage Tanks (S. S., M.S.) Utilities and other amenities varies from pilot scale to large commercial scales.

Storage & Packing

Adequate storage facilities are available for all types of Raw Material Chemicals, Solvents and Finished Goods. The process equipment are in accordance with cGMP requirements and supporting chemical handling & charging systems ensure their efficiency.


Jaydev Chem Industries has fully equipped laboratories with modern fume hood systems, autoclave, high vacuum distillation assembly, large flasks and glass reactor assembly & vacuum tray driers. We have well equipped Analytical Development Laboratory and state of art Microbiology Laboratory.


Jaydev Chem Industries is member of Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) & Toxic Solid Disposal Site (TSDF) to solve waste problems for environment concerns.